Have you heard the expression “First Impressions Last”?…..nothing could be more true than this statement when placing your home on the market for sale. You only have one chance to make a lasting impression.

Tidying your home on the inside is one thing, but tidying the outside of your home is just as crucial, as many people will drive by your home to decide whether they will be coming to your open inspection. There are many other homes on the market, so it is important to present your home in its best light, to create a good result. The more desirable your property appears, the better your sale will be.

Clean, tidy and de-clutter

Giving your property a good clean inside and outside will show the home at its best.

  • Cleaning in and out will make the property appear more liveable
  • Clear away the clutter – heard the expression “less is best”?….by putting away the clutter, you make the home feel spacious and open.
  • A property that appears well-cared for, is more valuable than one that has been run down and unloved. So get stuck in and de-clutter and fix items you feel might put buyers off from purchasing your home.

Decorating tastes and décor colour

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone’s tastes and décor, however it’s safe to say that decorating your home in the more neutral colour schemes seem to appeal to the majority. Perhaps pack away those self-nude portraits!!

Something you may wish to consider when decorating your home for sale

Don’t have the time to finish those odd jobs?….

If time is not on your side to complete those last minute items around the house, Equity Realty SA have access to all types of Tradespeople you may wish to engage. Our Agents will be more than happy to arrange those tradespeople to assist.

We also engage in the services of a Furniture Rental company, who will decorate your home with pieces of furniture – whether you need a few pieces or the whole house filled. They take the stress out of presenting your home for sale. They will also tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

A few items that you may wish to consider

  • If you have smaller rooms – perhaps having single beds will help maximise the space
  • Potted plants around, vases etc help create a homely feel
  • Put some mirrors up or paintings on blank walls to fill up empty spaces
  • Set up the outdoor area – shows buyers where they might place their furniture too.

Common home presentation mistakes

Although your house may look and feel good to you, others may not think so – despite what your friends tell you. Below are some common mistakes that sellers often overlook – simple things like these can really be a difference to your end result.

  • Loud coloured linen – often linen you choose to place on your bed can be the focal point. This can have an impact on how people feel about the room. Choose neutral colours for your bedspread.
  • Too much furniture – Having an open inspection means a number of people enter the home at one time all moving about viewing your home. Have the furniture spaced around to create spacious rooms – might mean temporarily removing furniture during your selling period might be an option if you had to.
  • Pet Smells – It is said that often one of the major impacts on a potential buyer is having pet smells and mess in the house. Sellers do work hard in trying to eradicate the smells of your fluffy house mates but being accustomed to it every day does make it more difficult. Perhaps have a friend who doesn’t have pets pop over and give you an honest opinion!
  • Cleanliness – Another mistake home owners make is assuming potential buyers will overlook the dirty bathroom or un-mopped floor. If it’s not their own, it will be a major turn-of! Sometimes it’s a good idea to have someone else come in and clean your home.

How to prepare your home for an open inspection

First impressions – you only get one chance at this Clean

This may sound obvious to you, however make sure your home is neat and tidy for potential buyers on arrival, including the gardens and outdoor areas.

Clean inside ovens, cupboards and wardrobes. Buyers like to have a peek at how much storage they will have. Remove items of hazards eg shoes from the entrance hall and any other obstacles which might cause issues.

Keep your home in this good condition throughout the sale process. There may be times here and there buyers may wish to have a private viewing after scheduled public inspections.

Clear out the letterbox of letters hanging out, remove the bins and place them somewhere out of sight out of mind.

Make your home Light and Bright

Air your home before the inspection. Let the breeze flow through so the home doesn’t feel stuffy and uninviting.

Draw back the curtains or blinds to bring in as much light as possible.

Smelly things

People do enjoy looking visually at things when they come to inspect your home, but often the nose can make or break an inspection.

Remove stinky items like smelly shoes and watch out for specific types of foods you may cook that may not agree with everyone.

Some hints; place some fresh flowers on the bench, light up nice smelling candles, maybe brew some coffee or even give the home a quick freshener spray. Don’t over power the senses.

Temperature Control

Check the weather and keep your home at the optimal temperature. If it’s cold outside – place the heater on – light the fire etc. If it’s warm outside – pop the air-conditioner on to a nice temperature.

People don’t like to be uncomfortable when they visit your home. Demonstrate your property can cope with the outside temperatures.

Valuables – what to do

You should take care of your valuables when inviting buyers into your home. Remove or protect anything precious before you open your house.

Perhaps check to make sure your Insurance will protect you for open inspections.

You can take your valuables with you during the open inspection or lock them away safe so they stay protected.

Agents usually record the names and numbers of the people coming through your home which helps for accountability if anything were to go missing. It’s not the perfect solution and shouldn’t be relied on.

Make sure your home is safe before inviting buyer to inspect your home.

Make yourself scarce during the open inspection

You should leave the buyers to wander around your home feeling relaxed.

Work in with your agent and co-ordinate the times so you can be ready to head out during the inspection…..including those furry family members too. Take your dog for a walk if the weather permits.

Keep track of your open inspection times, so you are not rushing around finishing last minute things when buyers are standing outside waiting to view your home.